Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions

Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention for Scoliosis

Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention for Scoliosis

1. Ineffective Breathing Pattern related to the suppression of pain.

Purpose: The pattern of breathing Effectively.

Plan of action:
  • Assess respiratory status every 4 hours.
  • Help and teach the patient to breath in any one hour. Rationale: Increasing the maximum ventilation and oxygenation.
  • Adjust bed semi-Fowler position to improv lung expansion. Rational: Sitting height allowing Easier breathing and lung expansion.
  • Monitor vital signs every 1 hour. Rational: general indicators, circulation status and adequacy of perfusion.

2. Acute Pain: back related to the position of lateral body tilt.

Purpose: Pain is reduced or lost

Plan of action:
  • Assess the type, intensity and location of pain. Rational: Influencing choice / control the effectiveness of Interventions can influence the level of anxiety to pain.
  • Teach relaxation and distraction techniques. Rational: To divert attention, thereby reducing pain.
  • Teach and Encourage use of the brace. Rational: To Reduced pain during activity
  • Collaboration in the provision of analgesia. Rational: To relieve pain.

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Nursing Diagnosis - Nursing Interventions


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